NOTE. The service can only be purchased if you have a keyholding or supervision agreement.

From € 100

Everyday cleaning of exterior surfaces in all rooms. (Not in cupboards and drawers.)

Vacuuming and wet drying of all floors.

Kitchen: Kitchen doors, fridge / freezer, hob, sink, work surfaces and wall surfaces - splash guard / tiles.
Bathroom: Shower / tub, sink, toilet, mirror and trash can.
Laundry: Bed linen and towels. 2 machines. Extra machine will cost € 15.

We assume that the home is left as follows:

  • Clean dishes from the dishwasher and kitchen appliances have been taken back in cabinets
  • Oven, microwave, coffee machine and toaster are cleaned
  • All garbage is thrown away, even in bathrooms
  • Bed linen and dry towels are placed by the washing machine in piles or in baskets
  • Wet towels may remain

Outdoor cleaning/terraces: Current hourly rate € 25. High pressure flushing € 30/hour